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Welcome to our exhibition online!

This is our gallery of some of our creations. There are many of them and it will come more so we try to keep up the rythm of the jewelry production with the camera aswell .

 After a nice summer and autumn in Sweden and Greece we are now happy to be in the south of Chile surrounded by green woods and high snowdressed volcanos ocean.

 We got the production going strong as always ,and we do take specialorders in macrame , silversmith and all the other techniques and materials that we work with .

For now we have recently made a beautiful collection of silverrings with different stones from our treasure coffin. These are simpler ones with small silver details in unique designs. Opals, Garnet and a favorite of us Aquamarine.

We also made a small collection of raw crystals pendant, earring and rings in an elegant collection.

Well that is more or less whats happening for us .

We also have a whatsapp catalog that we invite you to look into:


Just send us a message for orders or anything that cross your mind and we will get back to you .


/ Macriale







Classic Bracelet Anclet

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